Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi Slim Skate Shoe

The steadily growing demand of modern skateboarding has caused a necessity to leave the comfort zone for many brands and has created a challenge for many footwear brands. Many have tried to step up their game and revolutionize the skate shoe industry, but very few have succeeded. Vans are one company that belongs to the top echelon as it offers products like the Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi Slim Skate Shoe.


Ever thought how a skate shoe with a color combination of black and white and with different patterns on the sole would look? Well, the answer is elegant. This shoe has two distinct kinds of alignments on its sole.

The sole provided with this footwear is of rubber, and it has a lot too many advantages. Some of them are listed below.

  • These types of soles are waterproof
  • They offer much better traction than other soles
  • Soles made from rubber don’t make the annoying solid impact sound when you are walking with one of them on

This pair comes with a long tongue which doesn’t make you feel excruciated when you have these on for a long time. Another advantage of a shoe having a tongue longer than usual is that the possibility of the laces slipping away is reduced drastically.


Starting with the sole patterns in detail, one of them looks kind of knurled while the other one is clean. But the point of interest is that both the patterns are in white, and there is a very fine and minute strap in black just above it. Not just the sole has been designed to last; the laces remain intact even after ten hours of skating.

The overall comfort is excellent. The craftsmanship has been well executed on this one. The white colored stitching that has been done on the black surface brings out the real alluring look. This product comes with a longer ankle support than what other skate shoe makers offer. This ankle support is crucial in a while doing flips while in the air when you are skateboarding.

There is a very finely made collar just along the ankle support. While the outer surface is black in color, the inner sole is of shining white. So doesn’t hold yourself back and definitely take a look at Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi Slim Skate Shoe.


This product is available in many different color combinations, and each one looks better than the other. This one gives a classy and a classic feel at the same time to the skateboarders and ensures that they have fun while skateboarding.

Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi Slim Skate Shoe has a brilliant rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon. And 80% have the consumers have said that these fit as expected and that they got more than what they expected from this product. To conclude, this pair looks outstanding, and people with wide feet also can get used to it after using it for a couple of days. So, you can buy it with your eyes closed without fearing too much about misfit or damage.