Osiris Men’s NYC 83 Vulcanized Skate Shoe

Coming from Osiris’s own Private Reserve Collection is the NYC 83 VULC sneaker, a skate shoe which offers standard performance with street-ready good looks. The highly reliable pair from Osiris pleases the purchasers to its full extent by its bold look and its sleek design. Osiris is no stranger to success as they are a reputed manufacturer of skate shoes around the globe. Coming from Osiris’s own Private Reserve Collection is the NYC 83 VULC sneaker, a skate shoe which offers standard performance with street-ready good looks.

Until now in case you have had spend too much time in finding a skate shoe that are comfortable and that had a high sense of boldness in them, search no more.


Linked to the heart of NYC, this pair is the vulcanized version that comes with high standard features and is an excellent game changer. The NYC 83 VULC sneaker here comes in many different colour variants fulfilling everyone’s choice and needs. Some of the excellent features are mentioned below:

  • Constructed with a material on the upside which is durable, and having a textile lining gives a more unique and extraordinary look.
  • A cushioned insole which is removable and a rubber outsole with the same feature, it delivers a comfortable ride along with a style which catches everyone’s eyes.
  • The Osiris Men’s NYC 83 come with a longer tongue than usual

Even when you keep these on for hours, it doesn’t hurt your feet which get rubbed pretty much when you have these shoes on for a longer time than usual. For those who want uncompromising sexiness with style, it is the final destination and ultimately the best choice for all the skateboarding lovers out there.


More comfort: The product has a lengthier distance than usual from the shaft to the arch. The approximate distance of the shaft from the arch is about 5 inches. The reason behind making it longer than usual is to give your feet all the space they need and deserve. These also help your base breathe.

Better looks: The appealing black threaded branding in block letters is seen on the tongue of the shoe. This style of branding in its own way gives the user, a stylishly luxurious feel. The midsole in this item has a wraparound which gives it a tight holding appearance from the outside.

Suitable for different feet types: Most of the skate shoes that are made these days do not stand up to people’s expectations. Sometimes people with narrow feet have problems with the fit. But this product from Osiris clears out all the problems. Because of the padded tongue and collar that comes with this skate shoe; it fits well with everyone, no matter what kind of feet you have.

Extra durability: Additionally if you are still having second thoughts on whether to go with this one or not, there is one more feature left to mention. The Abrasion resistant rubber outsole in this shoe doesn’t let the shoe wear out so quickly and offers a high-end performance even after a long time use.


The NYC 83 Skate Shoe has a fantastic score of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. Not only that, 84% of the users said that the fit went exactly as they wanted. Overall, the reviews on Amazon are pretty great you should definitely have a look at this pair from Osiris.