Etnies Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoes

Etnies is a reputable footwear brand based in California, US and is currently owned by Sole Technology, Inc. The company sponsors numerous professional skaters and has released notable signature models.

The Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe is one of their bestselling shoes, attributed to the fact that it is part of the Etnies “Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree” reforestation program. The program lets you get involved in international reforestation as you shop.This design is also made from recycled plastic for its PET shoelaces and recycled rubber in the out-sole.

Design-wise, the low-top is made of faux-vulc cupsole, a thinly-padded collar and tongue for added comfort and protection. It also features an STI-Form Lite Level 1 insoles. You do not really need tricked out kicks to go skating with the best. Just keep it plain and simple with the slimmed down design of the Jameson 2 from Etnies.



  •  Made from eco-friendly, recycle row materials.
  •  Durable canvas uppers
  •  Etnies logo embroidery featured on the tongue, and some additional details on the foxing and back heel.
  •  The pair comes with thinly padded collars and tongue to make sure it fits and sticks even during the most complex skating maneuvers
  •  STI-Form Lite Level 1 insoles are designed, tested to make sure that they provide the much needed shock absorbing factor while skating.
  •  The lining is made of textile fabric that offers the exceptional moisture-wicking comfort
  •  The Cupsole construction complements the STI insoles’ comfort and durability
  •  The internal EVA midsole offers added support and cushioning that any skater will fall in love with.
  •  The out-sole is made of the durable 400-NBS rubber


What makes Men’s Jameson 2 Eco the best Skateboard Shoes

1. Stitching: Jameson 2 Eco are not just glued, they are actually stitched together with large durable double stitches. This makes them hold together for longer while giving you nothing but the best skating experience.

2. Material: Etnies have over 25 years of solid experience in designing and manufacturing skateboarding shoes, and this is expressed in the careful selection of materials that makes up Jameson 2 Eco. It features STI-Form Lite insole, EVA midsols, the 400-NBS rubber out-soles and fabric material, all of which are designed to withstand the aggression that comes with skating while providing comfort and unparalleled durability.

3. Reinforcement: Etnies seem to understand that just having a skating shoe made of a strong material is not enough. Skating rapidly destroys shoes. To make sure that the Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoes lasts even longer, Etnies added extra rubber layers on the toe cap and along the lace-eyelets

4. Weight – well, all that reinforcement is cool, but now if your shoes are concrete blocks, you won’t be able to pull off many tricks in them. And Etnies knows just this. All the materials, technology and design have been carefully considered to make sure that the final product is light enough and won’t drag you down as your execute your favorite maneuvers.

5. Grip- Jameson 2 Eco are not just any regular street rubber shoes. The outsoles are made of the grippy gum 400-NBS rubber that actually grips the board and keeps you in control.


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