Globe Men’s Tilt Skateboard Shoe

Globe International Limited is an international manufacturer specializing in purpose-built apparel, footwear, and skateboarding shoes. Globe has excelled in this category because it listens to its customers. It constantly keeps trying to evolve with them, so they don’t lose their trust which they have gained over the decades. Being in this industry for more than 30 years they sure have made their way through the footwear business by specializing in skate shoes.


There are a thousand brands of skating gear out there that promise top quality products, but not many of them live up to expectations. But Globe, on the other hand, has proved they have become one of the best makers of sports goods for decades, and they are a brand you can depend on upon. Some of the extra features of this product are listed below.

  • The material being leather, this pair durable.
  • The sole is made from extremely useful material “Synthetic.”
  • The sole height is 2 inches so that your feet remain extremely comfortable even after extended durations of skating and other activities

This product from Globe comes with padded collar and tongue. The white colored branding can be spotted on this black product at various points. The detailed branding brings out the eye staring from the people which it definitely deserves.


Skate shoes are supposed to be functional. The most colorful and exceptional shoes are no good if you come home with broken shoes and abrasions at your ankles. The chances of getting injured with shoes having a high cut are very low. They may not be as flexible as shoes with a low cut, but they have proved to be safer.

The shoes made from leather are supposed to fit better than the nonleather ones. What constitutes for a good shoe is that the laces must allow the individual adjustment depending on your needs, but a snug fit over is important for everyone. All of which this pair provides to the one who wears it.

This skate from Globe offers enough room for your toes as they need to work and breathe just like other parts of your body. When taking a regular walk, your foot both spreads out and lengthens up to one centimeter in each direction. Considering the lengthening to be a little more while skateboarding, this one still ensures you to have enough space left for your feet to breathe. Rest assured; this shoe gives you all the space your feet needs.


This product protects your feet and your ankle and, thus, carries a lower risk of injury. So doesn’t hold yourself back and definitely take a look at Globe Men’s Tilt Skateboard Shoe.

Globe Men’s Tilt Skateboard Shoe has a satisfying rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon, and 80% have the consumers have said that these fit as expected and that they got more than what they expected from this product. Overall, this product is marvelous in many ways to justify the price tag, which itself is not over the top. So what are you waiting for? Order a pair for yourself now.