Emerica Men’s THE ROMERO LACED Skateboarding Shoe

Made by the subdivision of one of the greatest manufacturers of skateboarding shoes, Sole Technology, Emerica was launched in 1996. Since then it has brought on some massive changes in the department above. Emerica makes one of the best footwear offered in this category. One of the most important things to consider is that the company is run by someone who is a former professional skateboarder.


One of the prime features of this shoe is that this shoe is provided with a one-piece toe cap which makes the skateboarding shoes highly durable. Shoes which have this type of construction offer high flexibility to the one who wears it. For ground tricks and Technical Street skating, this shoe excels.

Next feature is that these shoes have Synthetic soles. The benefits of these soles are as follows.

  • Synthetic soles are highly water resistant.
  • They are also easy to clean, and maintenance isn’t an issue for the users.
  • These weigh only 12.6 ounces which makes it very less noisy when you are having a walk.
  • Furthermore, this one comes with tongue stabilizing wings which enhances the feel while wearing it.


Safety: There are many out there who are willing to become a professional Skateboarder these days. The reason being that the sport has been included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Young kids and teenagers are very much interested in this sport. Having the right gear is not only essential for a high-level performance but also for reducing injury.

So, in case you have an overactive toddler at home who shows the potential to be at the next Olympics, don’t hold them back and take a look at Emerica Men’s THE ROMERO LACED skateboarding shoe.

Durability: The Emerica Triangle Tread pattern combined with high-strength rubber heel drag pod not only offers maximum grip to the skateboarder but it also enhances the durability. It is highly relevant for these shoes to be durable which are used while skateboarding as because there is a lot of jumping around which causes a lot of wear and tear. But this one is solid as a rock and makes it easier to do stunts.

Grip & Fit: This pair comes with tongue stabilizing wings, which in turn offers a snug fit even if one decides to grind up on a rail.

Customer’s Opinion

The Emerica Men’s THE ROMERO LACED Skateboarding shoe has a magnificent score of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon.com after being rated by 79 users. Regarding fitness, 77% of the users have said that it fits as expected which makes it another pretty good reason to purchase this pair. Furthermore, these come in a colour combination that is very universal. People have generally left positive reviews after using this product, which can be taken as conclusive evidence that the show is pretty good.


To conclude, they look outstanding, and people with wide feet also can get used to it after using it for a couple of days and it fits amazingly well to the people having narrow feet. Overall, the reviews on Amazon are pretty great you should definitely buy these.