DC Trase Slip-On TX SE Unisex Shoe

Who doesn’t like to wear slip on shoes? These nifty products allow us to conveniently slip them on our feet and ready to go within a few seconds. There is no need to bend over and tie shoelaces nor is there any requirement that you should wear socks (unless you want to) because these are the kind of shoes that offer great versatility. For a regular product that you’d likely use day to day, very few products get better than the DC Trase Slip-On TX SE Unisex Shoe.

How is that? Well, for instance, this pair comes with features that make it suitable to be used by both men and women. Of course, the goodness doesn’t end here; there are plenty of other exciting elements that make this shoe worth buying.

Features of the product

  • This pair has been made of imported textile that lends a fair bit of durability and strength
  • Thanks to the rubber sole, you can count on this to provide optimum comfort to your feet all day long
  • The 6 oz canvas upper makes this product very light in weight, and thus ideal to be used for all intents and purposes
  • If you are a sucker for style, then you’re in for a treat as higher foxtaping lends a distinctive look even amidst the simplistic design
  • Elastic gore improves the comfort and fitting even further
  • Comes with sketch mesh sockliner having a logo that’s screen printed

Why buy this product?

DC Trase Slip-On TX SE Unisex Shoe is a product of a reputed company that’s involved in manufacturing of a variety of shoes, available in broad price ranges. Of course, having being in the business for a long time, people have come to trust this name. DC continues to produce world-class products such as this one that elegantly combine the attractiveness of simplicity and the utility of fine materials.

This item is available in many different colors because the company understands the value of giving choice to their customers. As far as durability goes, the rubber sole, canvas upper, and elastic gore ensures you make the most out of every journey without having to worry about significant damage.

Slip-ons are great when used as casual wear, so you can count on this pair to give you many exciting evening out with friends. Also, expect some compliments to come your way because the Trase Slip-On TX SE Unisex Shoe not only functions well but also looks fantastic. Pair it up with a blue jeans and a casual shirt to be the star of the evening.


If you are still undecided about the idea of buying this shoe, don’t take our word that’s all in place of the product. Go ahead and check it out on Amazon.com and see what people have to say. However, do be careful when picking size because this pair only has a rating of 59% in regards to size fitting.

You would do well to pick a size that is larger than what you usually wear because most reports say this shoe runs smaller. Overall, this is a value for money purchase that would add a bit more variety to your wardrobe.