Vans Men’s 106 Vulcanized Skate Shoe

Vans is a familiar name in the footwear industry as the company enjoys a global reputation thanks to their leading line-up of products. Normally, when one wishes to purchase a shoe that caters to their taste, plenty of online searches display results of this brand. But can this name be trusted like the Giants of the business like Adidas, Nike, Fila, etc.?

Well, today we are going to talk about the Mans men’s 106 vulcanized skate shoe and discuss why this model is more than worth buying. Don’t get us wrong; the purpose of this review is to give you the most accurate details possible while taking into account customer reviews of the product.

Features of the product

The company has always been a believer of attractive colors and stylish designs that never go out of style. So, you can expect plenty of varieties regarding many aspects of this pair that are more than worth the discussing. Some of the standout features you will find are the following:

  • This is a canvas shoe that is supposed to provide plenty of comforts while keeping you light on feet
  • The soft rubber sole adds some much-needed flexibility while maintaining your foot comfortable throughout the day
  • The soft canvas upper compliments the rest of the body features quite well
  • There is minimal padding near the collar so as to lend you more flexibility and comfort

Customer reviews on Amazon

If you want to judge this product based on popularity, then the reviews on should give you all the answers you need to know. Boasting of having more than 360 customer reviews and an average rating of four point 3/5 stars, the Mans men’s 106 vulcanized skate shoe is definitely one of the best selling items on Amazon.

Why is this product so popular? To begin with, Vans offers a total of 18 designs and color combinations for you to choose. These colors range from monotone gray to popping red and everything in between to appeal to the taste of a large number of buyers. There aren’t many brands that think about offering so much variety in a single product, which is why Vans is often ahead of the competition in many ways.

This shoe also has a fitting rate of 84%, which is astonishingly high from many other competitive products that range between 50 to 60%. This means you are likely to get a pair that fits your feet perfectly without having to exchange multiple times.

Why should I buy this?

If great colors, beautiful theme, a high percentage of fitting were not enough to convince you, then the price of this item certainly will. Also, Amazon often comes up with great discounts; you can buy this pair at a much lower rate than what you would pay in a physical store.

Vans is a product to be trusted, and more than 300 people have testified for its reliability and value for money. There is no reason for you not to buy this shoe now if you want a perfect pair that’s both good for regular wear and the occasional evening cocktail party.

Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi Slim Skate Shoe

The steadily growing demand of modern skateboarding has caused a necessity to leave the comfort zone for many brands and has created a challenge for many footwear brands. Many have tried to step up their game and revolutionize the skate shoe industry, but very few have succeeded. Vans are one company that belongs to the top echelon as it offers products like the Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi Slim Skate Shoe.


Ever thought how a skate shoe with a color combination of black and white and with different patterns on the sole would look? Well, the answer is elegant. This shoe has two distinct kinds of alignments on its sole.

The sole provided with this footwear is of rubber, and it has a lot too many advantages. Some of them are listed below.

  • These types of soles are waterproof
  • They offer much better traction than other soles
  • Soles made from rubber don’t make the annoying solid impact sound when you are walking with one of them on

This pair comes with a long tongue which doesn’t make you feel excruciated when you have these on for a long time. Another advantage of a shoe having a tongue longer than usual is that the possibility of the laces slipping away is reduced drastically.


Starting with the sole patterns in detail, one of them looks kind of knurled while the other one is clean. But the point of interest is that both the patterns are in white, and there is a very fine and minute strap in black just above it. Not just the sole has been designed to last; the laces remain intact even after ten hours of skating.

The overall comfort is excellent. The craftsmanship has been well executed on this one. The white colored stitching that has been done on the black surface brings out the real alluring look. This product comes with a longer ankle support than what other skate shoe makers offer. This ankle support is crucial in a while doing flips while in the air when you are skateboarding.

There is a very finely made collar just along the ankle support. While the outer surface is black in color, the inner sole is of shining white. So doesn’t hold yourself back and definitely take a look at Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi Slim Skate Shoe.


This product is available in many different color combinations, and each one looks better than the other. This one gives a classy and a classic feel at the same time to the skateboarders and ensures that they have fun while skateboarding.

Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi Slim Skate Shoe has a brilliant rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon. And 80% have the consumers have said that these fit as expected and that they got more than what they expected from this product. To conclude, this pair looks outstanding, and people with wide feet also can get used to it after using it for a couple of days. So, you can buy it with your eyes closed without fearing too much about misfit or damage.

Vans Men’s Era Skate Shoe

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about skateboarding is Shoes. And when we relate skateboarding with shoes, we find that Vans offer the best footwear under this category. Headquartered in California, Vans is an American manufacturer of shoes, apparel and other products such as T-shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, and backpacks.

Being a fifty-year-old footwear manufacturer, it has established a lot in the hearts of Skateboarding lovers.This shoe offers extreme comfort to the feet and an entirely excellent performance.

Features of Vans Men’s Era Skate Shoe

One of the prime features of this shoe is that it has a vulcanized construction. Shoes which have this type of construction offer high flexibility to the one who wears it. For ground tricks and Technical Street skating, this shoe excels.

Next feature is that these shoes have Rubber soles. The benefits of these soles are as follows.

  • The traction offered by rubber soles is much higher than other types of soles.
  • One of the best benefits, these are waterproof.
  • Less noisy, so that it gives you a noiseless walk when you are out there walking.
  • Rubber soles are more comfortable because they fully absorb the up thrust which the ground offers.

Furthermore, this one comes with a signature waffle for enhanced board feel.Not only the feel, but it also provides a close fit too to the user which everyone likes. Comfort, excellent performance, and a tight fit, these points add up to making it one of the best shoes available in the market.


Safety: There are many out there who are willing to become a professional Skateboarder these days. The reason being that the sport has been included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Young kids and teenagers are very much interested in this game. Having the right gear is not only essential for a high-level performance but also for reducing injury.

So, in case you have an overactive toddler at home who shows the potential to be at the next Olympics, don’t hold them back and definitely take a look at Vans Men’s Era Skate Shoe.

Durability: The Vulcanized construction doesn’t only provide absolute comfort to the user but also it makes the pair highly durable. Strength is highly important with shoes which are used while skateboarding as because there is a lot of jumping around which causes a lot of wear and tear.But this one is solid as a rock and makes it easier to do stunts with the skateboards. Overall, it lasts long enough until you are a master at this sport.

Customer’s Opinion

The Vans Men’s Era Skate Shoe has a magnificent score of 4.3 out of 5 on after being rated by 226 users. Regarding fitness, 81% of the users have said that it fits as expected which makes it another pretty good reason to purchase this pair. Furthermore, these come in a color combination that is universal.

To conclude, this pair looks outstanding, and people with wide feet also can get used to it after using it for a couple of days. Overall, the reviews on Amazon are pretty great you should definitely buy these.

Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) Skate Shoes

Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skate shoes are specially designed to protect a skateboarder’s feet when skating. Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skate shoes are authentically and specially designed keeping in mind the various requirements of all skaters. Vans skate shoes are the most durable and reliable skate shoes.

Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skate shoes are designed to help you handle all the bad moves and bad landings while guaranteeing your safety. The skate shoes are made with a canvas upper and vulcanized rubber sole. The soft sole is designed to provide a perfect grip for skateboarding. The sole is also made to look outstanding among all other skate shoes belonging to your friends.

The Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skate shoes are made with suede upper in a high-top skate shoe style or a canvas upper which is durable and resilient to handle all skating moves in the park. The shoe is specifically designed to prevent the wearer from falling while skating. The shoe has lace-up front style with a canvas tongue and rubber toe cap that promotes a balanced feel.

Our skater shoes’ sole is specifically designed with signature waffle outsole to add grip between the skateboard and the shoe and also to add a connection between the ground and the board. The grip allows the rider to not only feel the ground more but also have a similar connection with the board.

Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) are not only excellent and high-performance skate shoes, but they are also stylish especially for the youth. The shoes are uniquely, and each new pair of skate shoes is different from a previous model. Our skate shoes are well manufactured to be used in any weather season. The rubber outsole together with canvas upper is made to withstand both the winter and summer seasons. The skaters are guaranteed to enjoy their art at all seasons when using Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skate shoes.

The shoe laces in our Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) are short and strong to make sure the wearer doesn’t fall apart especially when subjected to stress. Regular shoelaces would quickly rip off just after a couple of hours of skateboarding especially for advanced skateboarders. Our laces are made of sturdy materials and are carefully arranged inside to avoid any accidental tripping as a result of loose laces.

Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skater shoes come in different colors such as gray, white, black, pewter, red, charcoal among much more. The skater shoe is made in all sizes starting with Size 10 D (M) to Size 16 D (M). At Atwood, we enable you to keep your style looking fresh while in our Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skater shoes. Our skater shoes such as the low-top shoe will add a perfect stylish touch of casual cool to any outfit. Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skater shoes also make hi tops skater boots which are raised above the ankle to offer protection to skaters and are more stylish. Order today our wide range of products to get that stylish and comfortable skateboarding you dream to have.