DC Men’s Pure SE Skate Shoe

DC, an American company that specializes in footwear for action sports, including skateboarding pairs has stunning looking shoes like DC Men’s Pure SE Skate Shoe in its stock. It has some special and unique features. One of them being, it has a premium leather upper, and the second one being vent holes for extra breathability. Being just a couple of decades old, the company has landed itself into the hearts of skateboarding lovers.

Headquartered in California, it has established its roots around the world in many different locations making it a world class multinational firm.


DC Men’s Pure SE Skate Shoe is made from leather and wearing leather shoes in some way or the other give you the confidence needed to face life’s daily challenges. The new modern design that comes with this product adds underfoot comfort and protection.

Some of the features are as follows:

  • Having made from leather this one here is highly durable than the ones made from other stuff
  • The high-quality material which has been used to make these helps you to stay strong amidst the demands of varied work environments
  • More than being a slick and stylish that the leather adds, the shoe facilitates a distinct facet to your outfit

So if you are one of those people who doesn’t want to waste their time on cleaning and doing the maintenance, this item from DC is the perfect match for you. These are easy to clean and don’t let you waste your time on maintaining.


Looks wise it has something different from what we see in the skate shoe category. The foxing comes in with a different pattern than the midsole and the outer sole. It involves a knurled kind of alignment whereas the latter shows off a clear and sleek design giving it a regular and a decent look for professional skateboarding.

One of the best portions of this piece is the part where we can see the logo of the brand. The polished metal attachment to the left side gives the item a sexy appearance and to the people around you too. At few portions, one can easily spot the marvelous stitching that has been done on the product. The material used for stitching is the same color as the toe vamp and the other parts of the shoe.

This DC skate shoe comes with a foam padded tongue with provides comfort and support to the wearer. The collar of the product is also foam padded and serves the same purpose as the tongue which is to provide comfort to the user.

Customer’s Opinion:

The DC Men’s Pure SE Skate Shoe a brilliant score of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon.com after being reviewed by 346 customers. Many of the reviewers have said that they fit just as expected and that they had had no comfort issues with the product. Overall this pair is another example of the company’s exceptional craftsmanship that still goes unmatched even after a couple of decades. Overall, the reviews on Amazon are pretty great, and you should definitely buy these.

DC Trase Slip-On TX SE Unisex Shoe

Who doesn’t like to wear slip on shoes? These nifty products allow us to conveniently slip them on our feet and ready to go within a few seconds. There is no need to bend over and tie shoelaces nor is there any requirement that you should wear socks (unless you want to) because these are the kind of shoes that offer great versatility. For a regular product that you’d likely use day to day, very few products get better than the DC Trase Slip-On TX SE Unisex Shoe.

How is that? Well, for instance, this pair comes with features that make it suitable to be used by both men and women. Of course, the goodness doesn’t end here; there are plenty of other exciting elements that make this shoe worth buying.

Features of the product

  • This pair has been made of imported textile that lends a fair bit of durability and strength
  • Thanks to the rubber sole, you can count on this to provide optimum comfort to your feet all day long
  • The 6 oz canvas upper makes this product very light in weight, and thus ideal to be used for all intents and purposes
  • If you are a sucker for style, then you’re in for a treat as higher foxtaping lends a distinctive look even amidst the simplistic design
  • Elastic gore improves the comfort and fitting even further
  • Comes with sketch mesh sockliner having a logo that’s screen printed

Why buy this product?

DC Trase Slip-On TX SE Unisex Shoe is a product of a reputed company that’s involved in manufacturing of a variety of shoes, available in broad price ranges. Of course, having being in the business for a long time, people have come to trust this name. DC continues to produce world-class products such as this one that elegantly combine the attractiveness of simplicity and the utility of fine materials.

This item is available in many different colors because the company understands the value of giving choice to their customers. As far as durability goes, the rubber sole, canvas upper, and elastic gore ensures you make the most out of every journey without having to worry about significant damage.

Slip-ons are great when used as casual wear, so you can count on this pair to give you many exciting evening out with friends. Also, expect some compliments to come your way because the Trase Slip-On TX SE Unisex Shoe not only functions well but also looks fantastic. Pair it up with a blue jeans and a casual shirt to be the star of the evening.


If you are still undecided about the idea of buying this shoe, don’t take our word that’s all in place of the product. Go ahead and check it out on Amazon.com and see what people have to say. However, do be careful when picking size because this pair only has a rating of 59% in regards to size fitting.

You would do well to pick a size that is larger than what you usually wear because most reports say this shoe runs smaller. Overall, this is a value for money purchase that would add a bit more variety to your wardrobe.

DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoes

If someone is looking for the perfect shoes for skating that offer style and comfort as well, then DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoes are the ones to buy. It is a must for every skateboarding fan. Available in a total of 18 impressive color schemes and style, DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoes offers an excellent mix of comfort and protection. Whether you skateboard on the streets or try your tricks in the park, DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoes provides you with stability and safety that your feet require while allowing you the ideal skateboarding experience.

Made from leather, the feel of the shoes is very smooth. The quality of skin of the shoes is strong enough to withstand any stretching done during jumping any distance off skateboards. These shoes are sturdy in their outlook as well as their offering. The best thing about DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoes is that they fit instantly on any kind or type of feet. This is their best feature as a precise fit is utterly important in protecting from any injuries or twisting of feet while doing your tricks on the skateboard.

Another amazing feature of the shoe related to the leather skin of the shoe is the vent holes. The holes provide ventilation and breathing to the feet. Staying outdoor or exercising for a longer period of time results in a lot of sweat. While the socks do absorb most of the moisture and sweat, the feet require breathing space. The vent holes protect feet and its skin against any rashes, irritation or fungal diseases. DC is very particular in providing safety of every kind along with flawless skateboarding experience.

The sole of the shoe is made of broad length rubber which is optimal in enduring pressure. The rubber sole takes all the impact on itself without putting any strain on the feet of the wearer. Secondly, there is a cushion on the inside part of the shoe. The cushion is exquisite in its ability to safeguard the feet against any added pressure put on them while performing trickery using the skateboard.

Another superb feature of the shoe is the lightweight and extra puffy mesh tongue. The puffy mesh tongue gives the ease to the feet to maneuver around while walking, running or jumping. It is a protective feature of the shoe that is made specifically to offer the ankle a defensive resort against any push. While skateboarding, the wearer goes about showing different skills and techniques and this puts pressure on the ankle. The puffy mesh tongue would offer the ankle resistance against the pressure. Secondly, the lightweight of the mesh tongue also allows for easy fitting.

Even if a person is not a fan of skateboarding, they can still wear DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoes for comfort and fashion. The different colors and styles help anyone in choosing the best for themselves. Besides, no matter which DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoes is picked, they all are reasonable priced. Giving everything from protection to style to the ultimate skateboarding expiring, they offer value for money.