C1RCA Men’s AL50-PC Skate Shoe

When it comes to footwear, quality and comfort should take the place of priority before everything else for many reasons. This is why we all have that unique pair that we would rather wear for all occasions and in all seasons. But, even our most beloved shoes come with their limitations, and thus we have to keep different pairs in handy for various intents and purposes.

If you’re looking for new footwear for regular wear, then the C1RCA Men’s AL50-PC Skate Shoe is something you should definitely consider checking out. Now, this brand may not be known as the likes of Nike, Adidas, Diadora, etc. but the company certainly making great strides in this field.

Features of the product

As the consumer market is shifting towards a more simplistic approach, brands like C1RCA is tackling the newer demands head on. This shoe gives the public what they like – plenty of color choices, simplistic design, and all the aspects of comfort that makes it ideal for regular wear. Some standout features are the following:

  • Made of imported leather, this shoe combines the best of elegance and style
  • The rubber sole brings much-needed respite to the feet thanks to its comfort element
  • Padded tongue and collar make this shoe durable
  • Thanks to the breathable mesh tongue, you can slip on this pair comfortably and where it throughout the day
  • The wraparound sole, triple stitched toe reinforcement, and to bumper add some details and perfect shape

Advantages of wearing C1RCA Men’s AL50-PC Skate Shoe

If comfort and quality are the things you desire the most, then you’ll get plenty in this model. But wait; there are other advantages of wearing the shoe as well. For instance, there are around 22 color combinations available on offer! This means you can buy more than just one pair and wear them alternatively to suit different occasions.

This low-rise skate shoe offers versatility that’s missing in many other competitive models. This footwear has been made by the company to complement your attire and keep you ready to face challenges that go well beyond looking good.

You can count on this item to protect and safeguard your feet even while you’re walking on uneven terrain thanks to the breathable mesh and padded tongue. This model belongs to the lineup of Adrian Lopez signature, which ensures top-notch quality and killer design that can be hardly matched by any other product in this range.

What are the customers saying?

So far, the C1RCA Men’s AL50-PC Skate Shoe has mostly received positive reviews with individual exceptions being related to fitting. Since size tends to vary from one brand to another, we advise you to choose the size carefully, or you may have to exchange it once or twice to get the right fitting. Still, this pair has a record fit score of 83%, which is no easy feat.

It has scored a rating of 4/5 stars on Amazon.com, meaning this product is more than just good. And why wouldn’t it be? It has been finely crafted by one of the most happening brands in the market today.