Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) Skate Shoes

Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skate shoes are specially designed to protect a skateboarder’s feet when skating. Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skate shoes are authentically and specially designed keeping in mind the various requirements of all skaters. Vans skate shoes are the most durable and reliable skate shoes.

Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skate shoes are designed to help you handle all the bad moves and bad landings while guaranteeing your safety. The skate shoes are made with a canvas upper and vulcanized rubber sole. The soft sole is designed to provide a perfect grip for skateboarding. The sole is also made to look outstanding among all other skate shoes belonging to your friends.

The Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skate shoes are made with suede upper in a high-top skate shoe style or a canvas upper which is durable and resilient to handle all skating moves in the park. The shoe is specifically designed to prevent the wearer from falling while skating. The shoe has lace-up front style with a canvas tongue and rubber toe cap that promotes a balanced feel.

Our skater shoes’ sole is specifically designed with signature waffle outsole to add grip between the skateboard and the shoe and also to add a connection between the ground and the board. The grip allows the rider to not only feel the ground more but also have a similar connection with the board.

Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) are not only excellent and high-performance skate shoes, but they are also stylish especially for the youth. The shoes are uniquely, and each new pair of skate shoes is different from a previous model. Our skate shoes are well manufactured to be used in any weather season. The rubber outsole together with canvas upper is made to withstand both the winter and summer seasons. The skaters are guaranteed to enjoy their art at all seasons when using Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skate shoes.

The shoe laces in our Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) are short and strong to make sure the wearer doesn’t fall apart especially when subjected to stress. Regular shoelaces would quickly rip off just after a couple of hours of skateboarding especially for advanced skateboarders. Our laces are made of sturdy materials and are carefully arranged inside to avoid any accidental tripping as a result of loose laces.

Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skater shoes come in different colors such as gray, white, black, pewter, red, charcoal among much more. The skater shoe is made in all sizes starting with Size 10 D (M) to Size 16 D (M). At Atwood, we enable you to keep your style looking fresh while in our Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skater shoes. Our skater shoes such as the low-top shoe will add a perfect stylish touch of casual cool to any outfit. Vans Men’s Atwood (MTE) skater shoes also make hi tops skater boots which are raised above the ankle to offer protection to skaters and are more stylish. Order today our wide range of products to get that stylish and comfortable skateboarding you dream to have.